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Health and Wellbeing for our Community

KickStartCQ is a joint health and wellbeing initiative of Rockhampton Regional Council and Livingstone Shire Council.  The program provides a holistic and inclusive approach to the support of our community, its health, its spirit and its future wellbeing.

KickStartCQ works directly with the community through promotion, education, motivation and activity delivery.  The key objective is to provide opportunities for a healthier and more active life.

Sustainability, cultural identity and community spirit are all reflective of our community’s wellbeing.  A healthy and active community is confident and empowered to participate and be socially inclusive.

KickStartCQ will facilitate a coordinated approach for the region to increase physical activity and develop a better understanding of the importance of health and wellbeing in everyday life.  The program will meet this objective through:

  • Support, promotion and value adding to existing clubs and active lifestyle initiatives.
  • Provision of free or low cost activities and seminars for all ages, across the region.
  • Development of collaborative planning of initiatives.

Latest NEWS

29th August 2014


Never underestimate the power of asking “R U OK?” DEPRESSION can be a bleak and lonely place...

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29th August 2014

Factsheets for Sporting Clubs

Interested in starting a club, but not sure where to start? Does your club need help understanding Club Governance or Completing Council specific forms?...

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29th August 2014

Nutrition Guides

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start when you decide you would like to improve your diet and nutrition. What should I eat? Am I eating too much? Too little?...

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12th May 2014

FREE Exercise

KickStartCQ will be running a free four-week health and fitness program from Monday 23rd June...

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